Strategic, Action and Vision Planning

Harness the power of a shared vision.

When a group, coalition, or company has a vision, it allows the individual group members to align with it.
Collaborators need a vision to:

  • understand where they stand in the bigger picture
  • know how to talk about the coalition or company with others
  • feel they are contributing to success

As a leader in your organization, understand that a vision should not be created in a vacuum. By engaging in a collaborative creation process, the door opens to shared ownership of the vision. They are better able to talk about it with the larger community, more motivated to find new ways to help, and better able to identify advantageous opportunities for advancing the overall vision.

In addition to the development of this vision, key elements to organizational success is identifying long term strategic goals. You need these objectives to implement your vision. And the last component is the development of an action detailed road map to fulfill your strategies and ultimately your vision.

"Gathering wisdom in the room"
Kim Brown
TurnKey w/ Kim Brown

Why bring in a facilitator?

Some of the challenges that groups encounter in their visioning collaborations are:

  • lack of engagement
  • domination of conversation
  • fear of speaking up in group settings  

We have a process to identify these issues and work past them.

What to expect

Using a consensus-building process, expect your group to:

  • explore vision
  • identify underlying contradictions
  • address barriers
  • develop strategic direction

 Tangibles that you will walk away with:

  • 1-year calendar
  • assigned workgroups with a 6-month action plan

Your workshop session will end with a focused conversation about the process and a survey of the experience. 

How to prepare