Building Consensus

Building Consensus

This process must foster an environment that promotes a healthy exchange of ideas and demands that all stakeholders participate.  Kim wants everyone to be heard. Well, there’s a lofty goal! It’s not. Here’s how we’re going to do that. 

Gathering the wisdom in the room.

-Kim Brown

Consensus Workshop Method

This is where our sticky wall comes in.  Through a process of brainstorm,  discussion, idea refinement, committing ideas to paper, group evaluations, and clustering, similarities are revealed and direction emerges.  There is an internal affirmation for the group participants when these common threads are uncovered.  It builds consensus, creates a sense of ownership, and inspires confidence in the direction.

This method creates an atmosphere that fosters “ using an integrated, collective thinking process [where] all participants feel that their ideas, insights, perspectives, and wisdom have been honored [and] includes their contribution, [meaning]; no one...had to “give up something” so that the group could move forward...each group member owns the group’s decisions, [expands] his or her personal perspective, and is comfortable operating in concert with the rest of the group” 

(Institute of Cultural Affairs,USA, 2016, p. 30)

Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), USA. (2016). ToP facilitation methods. Effective tools for participation.

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